3 Positions Sterling Could Play In Tuchel’s Squad Next Season

One of the most sensational moves of the summer has been Sterling’s move from Manchester City to Chelsea..

The Englishman has established himself as among the best in front line under Pep Guardiola, and this has attracted the attention of a lot of, including the Blues.

Here are 3 positions that Sterling could play next season under Tuchel.

1. Playing Him To be a Left Winger

The left wing happens to be Sterling natural placement on the field, and he’s made a reputation of it. For much of his time at Man City, he played on the left wing (more than 180 games). He’s a pro at cutting in from that position, scoring goals, and providing assists. His 70 goals as well as 41 assists speak for itself.

On the other hand, the Blues have the likes of Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic who play this role under Tuchel however I think things would alter a little bit with Sterling’s presence.

2. All Rounded Winger

It is also interesting to note that Sterling is known for playing the right wing and a lot of fans love to see him there. Within 103 appearances in the role, he netted forty three goals and 46 assists for the City.

The Englishman is very good at both feet, which is huge for Tuchel and the Blues. He could also change Sterling’s position to see which one suits better the team.

3. False nine position

The Englishman might not be known to play the striking position, but Pep Guardiola tried it out a few times, as well as, you’ll have to believe it, it was a sensation. Sterling scored 14 goals and 6 assists in Just 28 games as a striker, an incredible statistic! If need arises, he could easily step in for Kai Timo or Havertz Warmer.At the Stamford bridge, Sterling is simply a Blessing, and we aspire to see him prove himself next season..

3 Positions Sterling Could Play In Tuchel’s Squad Next Season