Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, has warned English clubs that they will not dominate Europe this season..”

Last season saw both the Europa League and Champions League final competed between Premier League teams, with Klopp’s men beating Tottenham Hotspur to claim the latter.

Ahead of Thursday’s group draw for the upcoming Champions League campaign, Klopp said: “The groups will be incredible. I have no clue who will win the Champions League.

“We have the same chance like everyone else, but that is all, and no I don’t see us, the English teams, dominating.

“I don’t think there was ever a stronger Pot 2. It is just crazy. They should all be in Pot 1, but there is not enough space there.

“I don’t think there was ever a stronger Pot 3. Then Pot 4 you can get RB Leipzig – wow!”

While attempting to talk down the English threat, Klopp was quick to highlight the strength of Bundesliga sides this season.

“Bayern Munich now finally brought in Ivan Perisic and Philippe Coutinho, which is like a big boost.

“Look at the squad Borussia Dortmund has and tell me we are stronger than them. That is incredible. They can make five changes and you think: ‘Really? they didn’t play last week? Why?’

“There are a lot of quality teams – Juventus will be there, PSG will be there. Whatever happens they will find solutions. Real Madrid? Do you think they gave up already,” Klopp added..”