Check Out What Ronaldinho Said After Chelsea Star Labelled Him As His Football Idol

Chelsea attacker, Kai Havertz, named Ronaldinho as his football idol during a Q&A session..

During his time in Europe, Ronaldinho became famous for his dribbling skills.

It’s easy to understand that Havertz, who is additionally an excellent basketball player, would compare himself to Ronaldinho, who received the Ballon d’Or in 2005. Havertz responded, “Ronaldinho!” in reaction to the query “Who did you look up to as a footballer growing up?” during a Twitter and A session..

The Brazilian and Barcelona legend simply replied to the German: “Thanks, my friend.” Thomas Tuchel is going to be thrilled when Chelsea signs a Havertz who can perform at a similar level to Ronaldinho’s.

Ronaldinho and Havertz both have the quality of being males in the big moments. Havertz scored the goal in the finals of the UEFA Champions League as well as the FIFA Club World Cup 2021.

Havertz mentioned earlier this year, “Naturally, I would like to have the ability to show my skills during such events because everybody is watching”.

There’s no question about Kai Havertz’ talent, though the German attacker nevertheless has lots of grounds to cover in case he really would like to be so effective as Ronaldinho in the game..