Chelsea Fans Reacts Hails Mendy After Yet Another Amazing Performance

Edouard Mendy was as great, if worse, than any player on the pitch against Aston Villa, causing many recoveries to keep up with Chelsea’s spotless sheet..”

The Senegalese manager was in his prime and Blues fans adored each second of it, here’s a glance at the absolute best responses to his exhibition from the CFC people group:



agreen91: “I love that he’s been a fantasy getting paperwork done for us however I’d be much more joyful on the off chance that he didn’t need to save 16 currently this season.”

Tundra_inhabitant: “One of a handful of the situations where I’m more joyful to have been refuted. Fellow has been such an update.”

Ok_Attention: “Mendy keeps a spotless sheet, then again the sky is as yet blue.”

Stress Traditional: “It’s at last an ideal opportunity to think of him as elite.”

Low-Paleontologist: “Mendy is my goalkeeper, I’m never going to come up short – Tuchel, most likely.”

Cesctotti Francis: “Words can’t actually depict how pleased I am of having this person in the middle of the sticks of Chelsea FC…. He has made a gigantic difference…. I’m 100% sure at whatever point a shot is struck at us…”

Mr Chelsea: “Mendy, the super feline. EPL manager of the period really taking shape.”

Muna: “Mendy is a Jericho Wall. Uncommon Talent. I mean I can’t track down the right words to offer my thanks to this Man. Live long brother. You are the absolute best plug at the present time.”

Cardinale Austin: “I for one need to say thanks to Mendy cuz that buddy saved us yesterday, with his fine saves..”