Chelsea – Midfielder Loftus-Cheek Happy With New Wingback Role

Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus Cheek was pleased with his wing back function in last week’s Champions League match at Real Madrid..

Loftus-Cheek was impressive as they won after extra time 3-2 on the night even though it wasn’t enough to advance.

“It had been a little different between the 2 matches, however had the same attributes within the job which I was asked to do,” he told the club’s site. “I had never started at right wing back before, but it had been a role I felt confident to play and do what was requested of me,” he said.

“I have always been at ease wherever I’m on the pitch, I simply have to bring my characteristics to that position,” he said. In midfield you do not always get a lot of room to start and drive with the ball and that is one of my major strengths, therefore in this particular position at times it enabled me to open up and go past individuals and also make use of my running power. So I liked it.”Against Southampton, the gaffer provided me with license to get inside, and that is normal for me, to come and receive the ball, and I believe that sort of found them unawares and pulled them about somewhat. Wingbacks usually don’t come inside to get the ball from a No8 or No10 position. They changed their formation early on, but we were too centered on playing well and winning the game, and it was ruthless in the end.

“I was given a license in Madrid, but it was my decision to watch the game and how it ended up and where I felt I could harm them the most.” I was at times sitting on the touchline, at times I came inside, sometimes almost across the pitch, such as*RB_IN* for Mason’s goal. I just attempted to find room, produce overloads, create misunderstandings among Real Madrid’s players..

It had been much more defensively that we’d to keep in our structure, but even then I’d to come in midfield, and at times I had to keep on the touchline. Therefore I had a starting position, however it was my decision to check out the play.