Harry Maguire Stood On Wrong Side Of Tunnel Prior To Brighton Loss

Prior to Manchester United’s defeat at Brighton on Sunday, Harry Maguire appeared to be standing on the wrong side of the tunnel..

The skipper of United positioned himself on the right side of the tunnel, and the remainder of his teammates at Old Trafford followed.

The decision was strange because United have long been known to walk from the tunnel into the pitch..

Maguire did that a lot of occasions since he had taken over the United captaincy from Ashley Young but appeared to forget on this specific occasion.

David De Gea looked quite confused as he stood behind his captain in the video, which was widely shared on social media..

After that he can be seen pointing left and speaking with Maguire, who then must tell his adversary number, Lewis Dunk, to get his team to swap sides.

It wasn’t as awkward as the exchange between Peter Schmeichel and Gary Neville in the tunnel prior to the 2002 Manchester derby, but it did generate plenty of discussion on social media.

A possible explanation for Maguire’s slight mishap might be the fact that new manager Erik ten Hag has made a massive improvement in terms of the dugout.

United’s substitutes and coaching staff are currently seated in what was once the away dug out, that is closer to the Stretford End as well as the tunnel.

Ten Hag asked for the change on his very first visit back in May, when he signed his contract, so the club announced the change on their official website.

“in a new lay-out with Erik, the home and away dugouts have been completely changed so that United manager, substitutes and staff will sit in the seats west of the half way line, the dugout formerly occupied by the away team,” United said.

“Erik approved the move after going to Old Trafford for the very first time in May and pointing out just how the existing away dugout was closer to the tunnel, as well as towards the one half of the pitch where substitutes warm up.

The switching of sides will likewise place the house staff and players nearer to Stretford End – the traditional center of home support – and also align the dugouts with the halves of the pitch where the home and away teams warm up prior to the game.

However, the change has not brought United a lot of luck at home so far. After a draw with Rayo Vallecano, the Red Devils lost 2-1 to Brighton in the first game of the season, who scored their first ever victory at Old Trafford.

United will be looking to bounce back at Brentford on Saturday and get their first points of the season heading into the game against Liverpool on 22 August at Anfield.