How Dele Alli Is Spending His Holiday With His New Girlfriend Ahead Of Next Season

As the football season winds down in 2021-2022, most football players are enjoying themselves with their families on vacations at some of the world’s most beautiful locations..

Everton’s Jan signing, Dele Alli has added to the list of well known actors that are seen on holiday with their spouses, families. or girlfriends.

The 26-year-old midfielder, who moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Everton in January, was seen with his brand new girlfriend Cindy Kimberly on a luxury yacht in Capri off the coast of Italy.

Former England international was seen having a cheeky hand on Cindy’s legs as well as passionately kissed 23 – year – old model.

Additionally they packed into the PDA, taking in the sun, kissed and hugged each other all day long, and then took a dip in the pool.

It’s good to see the midfielder is to keep his footballing problems out of his personal life and is taking pleasure as he rests for the next season in order to reignite his career..