How Reece James Has Outperformed Arnold And Kyle Walker In The 1st Game He Started For England

Reece James began his very first England game in the Nations League.

Three right backs within the team have been test-run by Gareth Southgate.

Alexander Arnold started in the first game. Within the 2nd game, he introduced Kyle Walker, and today today he began Reece James because of the very first period in the tournament..

When you take a look at the data, James clearly outclassed his England teammates in both defence and attack. I would not want to compare his stats with Kyle Walker because he is a defensive midfielder for the England team, he plays as a third centre back for the Three Lions. But for me, Alexander Arnold’s performance is nowhere close to Reece James’s in being a best right-back player.

Arnold is a player made on the Liverpool system, whenever he goes on the England National team he fails as the system switches from what he was used to at Liverpool. That’s why Reece James is a much better player than he is individually.

He managed the best back position, won the majority of ground battles in the game and also had a ninety two % passing accuracy in the game. The player of the match with his outstanding performance..