Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah Claims Liverpool’ Deserved’ To Win Champions League Final

Mohamed Salah is currently obviously hurting due to the outcome of the Champions League final, after stating that Liverpool merited to defeat Real Madrid in Paris..

A couple of weeks have passed since Vinicius Junior’s second half goal made the difference in the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real.

The end result of the game revolved mainly around the unattractive scenes at the Stade de France, prior to and after the game, but additionally centered on who deserved the victory.

In spite of it was Vinicius’ aim that eventually determined who got to call themselves European champions, Thibaut Courtois’ man of the match performance definitely made a massive difference.

The Belgian made 9 saves throughout the match, leading many people linked to the English team to say that Jurgen Klopp’s side should have won, and Salah has added his voice to that.

“We deserved to win, we had more chances,” the Egyptian to France Football, the magazine that hosts the Ballon d’Or.

“I had a couple of clear chances, however Thibaut Courtois made amazing saves.

It is his duty, that’s what Real Madrid has signed him to do. It had been his night.

Salah makes an excellent point about Courtois actually doing what his job requires, which is why it is so absurd to think Liverpool deserved to win.

The opinion of the former Roma forward mirrored that of two players that used to work for Liverpool who today work as pundits for different channels.

Steve Nicol stated that in case the fight had been a boxing match, they would have won on a point’s decision. In his own analogy, the Scot failed to point out that Vinicius’goal may have been viewed as a knockout blow in a boxing match, and would continue to have gone in the direction of Carlo Ancelotti’s team.

In the same way, Michael Owen, who is busy protecting his daughter’s appearance on Love Island, said his old team were the team to beat “despite the fact they’d been beaten literally.

On obtaining the Ballon d’Or, Salah stated, “I should win it to become a member of George Weah, the sole African.

I was really shocked when I saw my 2021 ranking as seventh.

“the defeat at Real Madrid is a drawback for this year, even if I had a great game in the final.” However it does not eliminate everything I’ve accomplished for months.

“Let’s hold off until the vote. And if I am not Ballon d’Or by 2022, I will do my best to become the next one. ”

Liverpool’s defeat in Paris might have a huge effect on the winner of the award, with Karim Benzema currently the favourite to win the title for the very first time.

His impact has been brilliant on the whole campaign for Real and winning the final will undoubtedly help his cause, with Salah additionally losing the African Cup of Nations final..