Reason Why Chelsea Should Pull Out Of Raphinha Deal

Chelsea has been trapped in the deal for Raphinha for a long time now, the Blues have been pushing so hard to get the player to sign..

In football, however, when a player does not want to join a club, this’s the way the negotiation would always look like.

I think Chelsea should resign from the Raphinha contract. Essentially, simply because reports about player preference haven’t pointed out that he would like to play at Chelsea. There have been rumors, since March, that he would like to move to Barcelona. Chelsea should quit the deal and allow Barcelona to sign this player to stay away from the forceful transfer syndrome that can lead to players falling apart at the end of the day.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Leeds United is appreciating Chelsea’s bid, while awaiting an improved offer from Barcelona. It is not right to treat a huge club like Chelsea like that, especially if the player doesn’t want to come in, Chelsea can always find another player who is better..