Reason Why Haaland May Struggle At Manchester City In his First Season

On Saturday, Liverpool won the Community Shield following their win over Manchester City by a large margin. The teamwork of Jurgen Klopp’s players was outstanding and the manager will be very happy with the final result..

Liverpool took the lead in the first half, under 30 minutes into the match. After Salah had made a great run down the left flank, Trent Alexander-Arnold found the back of the net with a thudding strike from the edge of the box.

Manchester City got back to the game in the final seconds of the second half. From close range, Alvarez easily deposited the ball into the net after Adrian, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, had made a mistake.

In the 82nd minute, Mohamed Salah extended Liverpool’s advantage by scoring from only 12 yards away against Ederson. Things got a whole lot better for Jurgen Klopp’s staff during the final several minutes of the game. This time around, Nunez’s excellent close-range header permitted the goal to be achieved..

For Manchester City, Erling Haaland had an opportunity to score from just 3 yards out, however he was not able to do it. The excellent forward was unquestionably Manchester City’s worst player as he didn’t present a risk to Liverpool defenders all through the whole game..

Haaland could struggle at Manchester City in his first season as the English media would put a great deal of pressure on him after his unsatisfactory performance in his first team debut against Liverpool.

Haaland is without a doubt the world’s best striker. We can not, however, ignore the fact that too much to handle pressure on him could impact his performance in the English Premier League.

Why Haaland May Struggle At Manchester City In his First Season