Reasons Why Gaurdiola Should To Be Sacked As Man City’s Manager At The End Of The Season

Manchester City manager Joseph Guardiola may be in line for yet another EPL title, though we should call him by the spade..

Ever since his arrival, he’s invested nearly 9ne billion pounds in the signing of players but what has he got to show for it continent-wise? Your response is just as good as mine..

Here are some of the reasons he ought to be sacked.


With many of his players at his disposal, he couldn’t break down the walls of Real Madrid to arrive at the final of the UEFA Champions League in Paris. The only player in Real Madrid which could make the Manchester City starting line up is Karim Benzema, as nearly all of the Juventus players are better than Madrid.


The fight for the EPL trophy stayed with Guardiola until the final day of the season, when he ought to have grabbed it a very long time ago. He allowed his team to slip to draws against West Ham United and Crystal Palace, in which victories against those top 6 teams would have already given him the title.


Lastly, in case he must fail to beat Wolverhampton on the final day and Liverpool ultimately win the trophy, he must be sacked since he doesn’t have what it requires to control the calibre of players that Manchester City have..