Reasons Why Manchester City Should Sign Another Goalkeeper In Summer Transfer Window

Manchester City is currently the best team in the English Premier league however they’ve failed to get through on the champions league final this season that has cost them a great deal of money from football fans who believe Pep Guardiola is not the best manager for the club..

For a long time Manchester City have been monopolizing the English Premier League. Their goalie (Ederson) has not proven himself in the team as a good Goalkeeper.

Ederson failed to help his team win the champions league. Ederson conceded 6 goals versus Real Madrid and has conceded 14 goals this season in the champions league, while making 14 saves. In most games, the defenders have supported Ederson. Ederson ought to have the ability to support the team when mistakes are made, but he proved the team wrong.

Manchester City, for example, need a goalkeeper who could help them win the champions league. Manchester City have excellent forwards, defenders and midfielders, but the team’s only problem is the goalkeeper. The team of Manchester City can not rely on their goalkeeper to win..