We Played Better, But Madrid Won The Final Klopp Admits

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has just lately reacted to the champions league final defeat that his side conceded in will last nights showpiece with spanish giants Real Madrid..

A night ago, Liverpool lost one nil to the side of Los Blancos, despite the fact that they are the better team, particularly in the first half.

Whenever the goalkeeper is the man of the match, you know something is that you do not like about that team. ” We logged 9 shots on goal but didn’t obtain a goal”, the Liverpool boss stated in a post match meeting.

When asked what his side did not have to win the tie, he stated “the goal, they have the goal and we did not, which was what made the difference today.

It’s the 2nd time the Reds are dropping a champions league final to Real Madrid under present manager Jurgen Klopp haven lost one of those in 2018 and these feat of defeats in the competition has sent the tongues of Liverpool fans wagging all over social media,.