During The Champions League Final, One Of Probably The Worst VAR Decisions Was Made Against Real Madrid

At halftime in this morning’s UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool are level with Real Madrid..

The game was 30 minutes behind schedule because of fans standing outside the stadium during the game.

Liverpool were clearly the better side in the first half of the game, with more chances and shots on target, than Real Madrid.

The topic of the game occurred just a couple of minutes after the halftime break.

Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema must’ve believed he’d given Real Madrid the lead however the linesman’s flag went up. According to the linesman, he had been in offside position and the fans were clearly confused. On closer examination of the goal by VAR, it ended up that the deflection had been from Real Madrid’s Fabinho but amazingly, the referee didn’t overturn the goal.

If a deflection was unintentional from a defender, there is a rule that the goal should be offside, but here it was certainly intentional from Fabinho. This is arguably one of the worst decisions made by the VAR against Real Madrid in the Champions League this season. The referee had only made an extremely contentious call which is going to be under discussion for the next day or two in case Liverpool beats Real Madrid tonight..