Every Word Graham Potter Said On Chelsea Vs Salzburg, Champions League, Sterling, James, More

Graham Potter’s tenure as Chelsea head coach began with a frustrating 1 1 draw against FC Salzburg in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge this particular evening..

Disappointed never to win the game?

“We’re frustrated with only the one stage. I thought the use of the attitude and the players of the players was great, and I actually appreciated the way they went about their job against an excellent opponent, a competitor which ensure it is hard for you. They attack fast and defend very well.

“I notion within the first half we have Raheem into good quality one-vs-one circumstances and also made a number of chances, though they got a number of blocks in. We scored an excellent goal, and also in the period we did not handle it and we’d, we concede that’s disappointing, though it is able to occur at this particular level..

And then our response was very great. Their keeper makes a few of saves, and we wanted that second goal, though it did not occur. We are disappointed with a single point.”

You are able to by now notice a positive change to the conclusion of Thomas Tuchel’s time, the players worked out their socks off..

They provided all. We have simply received a point, and we are disappointed with that, though I was extremely proud of the way they acted today. It has not been simple for them often with the modification of mentor and everything that will come with that, but their reply is amazing. They have acted really, really well: professional, honest, responsible..

And so from an attempt perspective, it was hundred % there. Quality to buy their often was great against a great opponent. We’ve to credit them for the way they defended and how they produce chances to hit us. Though we managed it very well because of the period of the game, so that as I said, their goalkeeper makes good saves, and also we merely lacked that small bit being the 2nd goal..

Would you explain the system you are playing tonight?

“It was a back 3 as much as I was about Reece and Raheem providing us the width. Salzburg are powerful within the center with the 4-3-1-2 of theirs, therefore it is not uncomplicated to play through the center of the pitch. We wanted to get a few dangerous width, and Raheem and Reece were that..

“They were more full backs in the lateral jobs then midfield players. I thought we have Raheem into good circumstances and Reece also down that side. Mason, also and we scored a great goal. Then they defended nicely, blocked, and also their goalkeeper made good saves. We are able to better as well, but like I said, how the boys approached the game, I’m really, truly happy.”

With Raheem Sterling playing as a wing back, does that include rewards and risks?

“Well, there’s that chance, though you’ve to organise around that because you do not wish Raheem really defending in the box of his too frequently, & I do not believe he did. I feel Marc Cucurella managed the situation rather well. I cannot remember too many possibilities they’d down that side.

“Whatever you do, there is generally a minus and a plus, though we had been at home, and also we wished to be over the front feet for some attacking ideas in those jobs. Raheem is great at attacking a backline and scored an excellent goal. I thought he was great in the game. Reece balances it all a little bit, and also we are able to still protect in a 4 in case we have to, so that was the thinking.”

It has one point from 6 in the team, and Milan is coming in the following 2 games. Are you over the back feet within the team?

We cannot lie, it is not the position we wish to be in, though we’ve to respond. It is as easy as that. It is likely to be a difficult team, I believe, but there’s ample quality in the staff and squad that we are able to respond, and we’ve to anticipate those 2 games.”

You have come to a club which is created on winning. Are you a declaration from the club’s ownership that the lifestyle is changing?

“We still realize where we’re. We realize the needs of this particular football club, so that as I said, I feel in a world, tradition and assisting individuals improve, though we as well realize we’ve to gain too and also be competitive, therefore nothing changes in that regard..

We’re the beginning of a practice with a team of employees along with a group of players. I will be able to just comment on the result we’d, that continues to be very great, and also I’m looking forward to working, making this particular group competitive, and 1 the supporters are happy of.”

Do you get the feeling it is going to take a while with the players to adapt?

I have been really good with the players, attitude, their response, intelligence. They’re good players and work hard for one another. There’s a good spirit in the team, though they’re disappointed because results have not gone as well as they would like, which is typical, and you are able to think that frustration and disappointment.

“But it is the job of mine to enable them to get the effects they need, that all of us want. These days isn’t the very best start in regards to points for us but regarding the way we acted on the pitch as a team, tons of positives..