Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah Names The Four Toughest Goalkeeper He Has Faced

Mohamed Salah named the four most challenging goalkeepers he’s encountered in his long career.

The Egyptian has played against several of the world’s best and brightest number one, but his toughest top 4 is unlikely to surprise a lot of people.

Salah was unable to name the toughest goalkeeper he has ever faced, instead naming Iker Casillas, Manuel Neuer, Gianluigi Buffon and Liverpool’s Alisson.

“I can not decide one, so I’ll give you four,” he stated. “Casillas, Buffon, Alisson, Neuer.” I’m certain there’re loads of other excellent goalkeepers though I’m forgetting at the moment. It is hard to pick out which one.”

Buffon specifically added: “He was unbelievable when I played in Italy against Buffon. The sensation when you’re up against him, it is amazing. The career he had obtaining everything in football, it is incredible..