Lukaku Brushing Up On Eighth Language Thanks To 2 Chelsea Teammates

Romelu Lukaku isn’t just a international-elegance striker – the person is a very gifted man or woman off the field too..”

In case you have been not aware, the Belgian international speaks no longer one, not two, now not 3…Well, we’ll simply get to the factor. Lukaku is nicely-versed in eight languages!

From English to Lingala, a dialect used in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lukaku is a master of languages.

However, his Portuguese abilties are a piece off, as found out by Jorginho, who shares that Lukaku is brushing up on that language to better connect with multiple teammates.

“He said that he has now not been practising for a few years [speaking Portuguese] and we’re assisting him, Thiago Silva and I. We communicate Portuguese and he likes it. This lad may be very, excellent.”

Well, that’s a sweet gesture from the striker who certainly wants to do his pleasant to connect to all of his teammates – we are certain his language competencies assist