Manchester City Coach, Pep Guardiola Reveals How Real Madrid Helped Him In Beating Aston Villa

It had been such a huge game for Manchester City, as they had been two goals behind in a match that was meant to determine their fate in winning the EPL trophy, because they were trailing their rivals Liverpool only by a single point..

A goal by Matty Cash as well as Philip Coutinho held the Villas ahead. Pep Guardiola had no option but to make a tactical change for the better of the home team, and that is when Ilkay Gundogan came in. Gundogan’s goal in the 76th minute offered Manchester City hope of a comeback.

Rodriguez balanced the score in the 78th minute after beating the keeper with his right foot from outside the box. The match afterward ended in a 3-2 win for Man City after Ilkay Gundogan once again scored.

In an interview after the last whistle was blown, Pep Guardiola revealed how Real Madrid helped him beat Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium. According to him, “I contacted Real Madrid and provided me with excellent advice..

Keep in mind that Real Madrid made a huge comeback against Manchester City in the UCL semi – finals and that could be why Pep Guardiola asked them exactly how they made it happen..