John Obi Mikel was trolled after he posted a fake Ruben Neves quote to Instagram..”

A Chelsea fan account on Twitter called @ThatMunichNight made up a quote six months ago from the Wolves midfielder.

The fake Neves quote read:-

“At Porto all midfielders were given DVDs of Mikel to take home and study every day.

“We used to call him the ‘professor of football.’”

Believing in-demand midfielder Neves had actually studied his defensive playing style along with the rest of his ex-Porto team-mates, Mikel said: “I am honoured.”

And after the prank eventually worked, the Blues fan account revealed others also fell for the troll and shared it as a genuine quote.

“He tweeted: “The funniest part about this is the fact the accounts I expected to blindly copy and present it as legit news did the exact same thing..”