Todd Boehly Is ‘Reluctant’ To Sanction Cesar Azpilicueta’s Exit

Captain Cesar Azpilicueta has been very up-front with his desire to depart, though recent reports cast a bit of doubt on a transfer that at one point seemed to be inevitable..

New owner Todd Boehly has been overseeing Chelsea’s business this summer and, if reports are to be believed, he has made a decision on the future of the Spaniard. If the decision proves to be final, Azpilicueta will have to wait for his desired move back to Spain..

In a day full of Chelsea news, Times Sport provided clarification on the future of the defender. Boehly has reportedly met with Azpilicueta and informed him that he does not wish to honor his wishes to depart from the club.

Despite this, the 32-year-old is still optimistic that the two clubs can come to an agreement. He knows this is likely one of the last opportunities he will have to secure a move such as this and does not wish to see it pass by..

Boehly’s rationale is that he does not want to lose the experience and leadership that Azpilicueta brings to the table, having been at the club since 2012. He recognizes this is a transitional period for the club and he hopes to rely on the Spaniard to help Chelsea through it.

Barcelona will likely have to pay more than they had hoped to make this transfer happen, should Boehly be steadfast in his desire to keep Azpilicueta in West London..